b-pure has been tested in live environments and proven to clean 0.5-5 micron particles within 12 hours and to deliver pharmaceutical grade ISO cleanroom results within 36 hours.

Pathogens originating from Humans or surfaces can easily spread to others present in the same space through contact, droplet, or airborne transmission.


1. Probiotic System (PRO models only)

A unique Purification process that releases Beneficial Environmental Probiotics onto surfaces and objects, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria, mold, viruses and allergens. Also comes with an assortment of Scents for a wholistic cleanliness experience

2. UV-C bulbs

Powerful UV-C Ozone Free bulbs neutralize virus and other pathogens by damaging their DNA.

3. Carbon filtration

Absorbs and traps pollutants and gases. Also effective for odour treatment.

4. HEPA Final Filtration

Filter traps particles up to 0.1 icrons and larger in diameter.

5. Blower

Airflow adjustable up to 500m3/h

6. Initial filtration

Filter captures and removes particles from the air.

7. Galvanized painted steel

Unit made of galvanized painted steel for maximum durability


The b-pure technology is offered in three different units:

b-pure 250 – a compact unit (33-33-80 cm) covering up to 50 m2

b-pure 500 – a more robust unit (50-50-100 cm) covering up to 100 m2

b-pure Project – the b-pure project consists of our breakthrough integrated technology as an add on to new or existing HVAC systems in all sizes and covers up to 5000 m2. These units can also be connected to commercial vehicle’s HVAC such as busses, Trains, ships and in the future, airplanes.